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why do people Hate the Fed?

It all started with that Ron Paul fellow harping on about the ‘evils’ of the Fed

Nobody listened to him before, but now unfortunately the idea is gaining traction

Im doing a Bachelor Of Commerce, and if everything goes to plan, I could work for the Fed one day !

So please people, leave the Fed Alone !

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5 Responses to "why do people Hate the Fed?"

  1. Sophie© says:
    Jewish cabal controlling yet another white gentile country
  2. Dogbreath says:
    The Federal Reserve was started by the Democrats and the Wilson Administration in 1913. About a decade and a half later we had the greatest business depression America ever saw. Any questions?
  3. Smoking Joe says:
    Control of our money needs to be returned to the Government, and the private banker vultures of the Fed need to be taken totally out of the equation.
    The idea that we pay THEM for creating OUR money supply is just assanine, and the biggest ripoff ever, Paul is right about that part.
  4. Thorn says:
    Some people regularly abuse kool ad.
  5. I hate onions says:
    Your exhaustive defense of why the Fed is a noble and just institution is most persuasive.

    They will certainly appreciate your communication and analytic skills. They are bar none.

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