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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Insolvency » Why do the GOP insist that their raiding of Social Security proves an insolvency inherent in Security Security?

Why do the GOP insist that their raiding of Social Security proves an insolvency inherent in Security Security?

Yes, the Democrats nibbled….but 2 unpaid for Wars and took the biggest bite!


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9 Responses to "Why do the GOP insist that their raiding of Social Security proves an insolvency inherent in Security Security?"

  1. smsmith500 says:
    It wasn’t the GOP that started stealing from the SSI fund. The democrats led the way in the mid 60s when they prorated the fund and used the money to pay for the Great society programs.
    yes i know, a quiet surrender in the Oval office would have saved us a lot of money after 9-11. And if you take a look, the SSI fund has no money in it, just a raft of treasury notes. Another name for an IOU. The last big bite from SSI was taken during the Clinton administration, it helped form that “surplus” you libs always brag about.
    The democrats didn’t “nibble” ,they stole the retirement funds for millions of Americans.
  2. civil_av8r says:
    A trust fund shouldn’t be part of the general fund.
  3. John Hass says:
    Your rant is an oxymoron.
  4. Why Me??? says:
    We did not raid it the Democrats did…MANY TIMES that is how Clinton got his “Surplus” he borrowed it….
  5. mbcorson2000 says:
    you know that clinton “surplus”? that came from stealing ssi to balance the annual budget.
  6. Joe in texas says:
    Starting with the DEMOCRAT administration of Bill Clinton Social security contributions were thrown into general revenue and spent on unrelated things.

    You know when social security first started there were 140 working people paying into the plan for each retiree.
    Now there are only three.

  7. Vulcan says:
    The GOP insists this because they only want to kill Social Security – they’ve hated that thing since 1934. They will do anything, tell any lie, pull any dirty trick to get rid of it and shift ALL THAT LOVELY MONEY into the waiting pockets of their Billionaires.

    Yum – lots of money for rich folks!

  8. The Taxpayer says:
    Let’s look at the facts. Liberals never let facts interfere with a good story.
    Lyndon Johnson made Social Security part of the general funds.
  9. Shovel Ready says:
    If you trouble yourself to read the Social Security Act, you will discover that all money collected in payroll taxes by SSA in a given year but not spent by SSA in that year must be turned over to the US Treasury. Accordingly, your question makes no sense.

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