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Why doesn’t the catholic church offer monetary support for women considering abortion?

Would it not make sense for the richest church in the history of the world to be able to offer monetary support (at least to people of their faith, if not others) in exchange for their decision to not carry out an abortion?

I’m sure that a good percentage of abortions are performed for lack of funds to support a child, so why can’t the church pitch in for food, shelter, clothing, education, etc.?

One would think that even the fiscal insolvency of the church itself would be worth the salvation of only one soul, let alone thousands every year…

Your thoughts?


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19 Responses to "Why doesn’t the catholic church offer monetary support for women considering abortion?"

  1. Nowpower says:
    Why don’t they put their money where their mouth is?
  2. Fireball says:
  3. Lieu. Provo William Parry Wallis says:
    It’s easier to condemn them for premarital sex than to offer a helping hand.
  4. My†h ß۞mber says:
    The Pope needs the money to keep his mattress soft and comfy.
  5. ouragon says:
    Why don’t pro-life people all have six adopted children? It’s a mystery.
  6. Alesha B says:
    they dont offer support on abortion
    because theydont belive in using condoms
    and only belive in having sex when ready to have children
  7. joe b says:
    As per usual the Left Wing atheist is wanting someone else to pay for someone elses problems.

    91 percent of Christians give to charity
    66 percent of atheists give to charity.

    Conservatives give more money to charity than Liberals.

    67 percent of Christians volunteer.
    44 percent of atheists volunteer.

    Conservatives volunteer more than Liberals.

    Christian families give $2,210 to charity each year.
    Atheists families give $642 to charity each year.
    Christians give away more money and more time when comparing any income level.

    71 percent of Christian families give to ‘secular’ charities.
    61 percent of atheists families give to ‘secular’ charities.

    Conservatives give more to secular charities than Liberals..

    60 percent of Christians volunteer for ‘secular’ causes.
    39 percent of atheists volunteer for ‘secular’ causes.

    Conservatives volunteer more for secular causes than Liberals.

    Christians give $532 to ‘secular’ charities each year.
    Atheists $467 to ‘secular’ charities each year.

    Christians give more blood than atheists.
    Christians are more likely to help the ‘homeless’ with food or money.
    Christians are more likely to return excess change to a cashier.
    Red states(conservative) give away more money than blue states(liberal) despite lower incomes.

    In light of the above it is interesting to note that;

    (1) A higher percent of Liberals than conservatives believe that the income discrepency is too large between the poor and rich.
    (2) A higher percent of Liberals than conservatives believe that the government should do more to reduce the income discrepancy.
    (3) A higher percent of Liberals than conservatives believe that we have become a society of ‘have’ and ‘have nots’.

    Even deducting church tithing, Christians give more than atheists. Of 15 large studies being studied and combined it has been shown that that in no measurable way are Liberal atheists more charitable than Christian Conservatives. In fact, of all of the demographic groups studied it is the Liberal atheists who give the least time and money than anyone else. Yet it is the Liberal secularists that complain into perpetuity about the plight of the poor and that ‘somebody’ should do something about it!
    Atheists that enjoy the highest incomes only to consume their wealth upon their own lusts thus proving out their error.

  8. One says:
    As yot wish,end of that rich vile princess comes soon.
  9. shabalaba says:
    That problem along with many others in the USA could be solved by taxing the churches.
    Every life should have a chance, if you take that chance away then you have taken away from humanity.
  11. Gods Save Our Beer says:
    Good idea, they could also accept the use of contraceptives like the condom to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
  12. apple says:
    money only help when the mother had financial difficulty
    what if she is not emotionally and mentally ready?

    bottomline, money is not the answer

  13. Hail Naw! says:
    It’s not the churches burden to do that-it’s social services and pro-life support groups. Yes there are support group’s out there that can help men and women in crisis to find solution’s other than abortion. There is that hospital in Nebraska as well that will take infants that are unwanted.
  14. J.P. says:
    They do. I know of at least two facilities in the central Arkansas area, owned run and operated by two different orders of nuns, which are shelters specifically for unwed pregnant mothers who need a safe place in which to healthfully maintain their pregnancy and early infancy phases, while helping the women develop work-force skills and finding jobs.

    This is not unique to Central Arkansas.

  15. bustersmycat says:
    catholics consider abortion to be murder. Murder is one of the worst possible sins there is. Not a very intelligent question, to be truthful.

    And the church does pitch in an awful lot, whether you are aware or not.

    I am not a catholic and do not have much use for the catholic faith, but it is very difficult to fault them on the moral grounds of this particular issue and for their deeds of charity and helping the needy.

  16. VeggieTart (The Cranky Agnostic) says:
    They have to pay off judgments to the victims of pervert priests and keep the pope in his red Pradas and fancy dresses.

    But a lot of abortions are also because the woman in question does not feel psychologically ready for motherhood, and all the money in the world won’t help that.

  17. sparki777 says:
    My thought is that you haven’t done much research and simply assume that the Church isn’t helping desperate pregnant women.

    ANY pregnant woman who doesn’t have $$ can get help from the Catholic Church or through one of its agencies (such as Catholic Social Services or the many different programs specifically for pregnant women).

    Where I live, the Catholic Church is building a brand-new shelter for women in crisis pregnancies, which will provide free room & board, clothing, counseling, rides to the doctor and more.

  18. Daver says:
    < >

    Many Catholic-based charities offer all sorts of support for women considering abortion – so that they’ll see abortion is not a morally proper option and provide them with whatever assistance they need to support their children.

    What you have to understand is that, in order for these charities to be of any assistance to pregnant women, they must first seek the help of such charities. The charities aren’t going to magically somehow appear at their door.

    < >

    Morally isn’t for sale. That’s not how morality works.
    As for the Church being so rich, allegedly, the annual budget of the Vatican is comparable to that of the City of Chicago. In other words, the Church isn’t nearly as rich as you would like to think.

    < >

    The Church DOES offer every conceivable assistance. Like I said, women have to approach these charities in order to take advantage of their services. Most don’t.
    These women, their first thought is to rush down to the abortion clinic rather than the nearest Catholic charity.

    < >

    I’ll keep saying it – Catholic charities offers every conceivable assistance to needy mothers and babies. However, women have to actually take it upon themselves to seek out this help. Most don’t. Most would rather run to the abortion clinic, not the nearest charity.

    < >

    My thoughts are that you need to put more of your thought into the issue.

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