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Why don’t cons offer any solutions to the health care crises?

How come cons only offer obstruction and no alternative? How are we going to be able to handle over 50 million uninsured Americans? Health care costs that are sky rocketing, bankruptcies due to health care costs through the roof, emergency rooms with 12 hour plus waits for urgent problems…..

Or do cons think there is no problem and feel like sticking their head in the sand and protecting the rich and corporations is what is best for America?
Notice no solutions are being offered…come on in your own words people give me the fixes.


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13 Responses to "Why don’t cons offer any solutions to the health care crises?"

  1. Pull My Finger Go Ahead Pull It says:
    Just stop. You’re an idiot.
  2. Pfo says:
    It only seems like that because you choose not to listen to the solutions we provide.
  3. Shovel Ready says:
    The Republicans have excellent healthcare reform proposals. Just Google them.
  4. Flying Car says:
    They are but the Dems don’t listen to them.
  5. The Master says:
    The Cons do, but the libs won’t even consider their ideas and they go forth with a plan that very few Americans want!!
  6. Mr Green Jeans says:
    In reality there is no crisis. Less than 10 million of those fifty million “uninsured” can in absolutely no way afford it. The rest either spend their money on other things or don’t go to the doctor enough to bother with it. Tweaking the current system would be sufficient to cover the few that want it, not a complete overhaul like you communist liberal idiots want.
  7. James E. Lewis AKA pukeyface says:
    Is there a gene missing in you people? The Democrats will not consider ANY Republican offer.
  8. Twin Girls Baby Boy says:

    They never wanted to hear ANY free market ideas, period.

    We tried to allow insurance to be sold over state lines a couple years ago when republicans were running things and the Democrats fillibustered because they didn’t want to see free markets solve anything. They had to make sure that the government was always the solution or else the jig would be up.

  9. satcomgrunt says:
    We have they were just ignored. Here are two one which has proved to work in Texas
    1) Tort Reform
    2) Opening up insurance plans across state lines
  10. Dustin says:
    Health care should not be a for profit business that is denied to the poor. Under the present system very little can be done to fix the situation though.
  11. regerugged says:
    Why are you ragging on convicts? They don’t vote. If you are referring to conservatives, note how the word is spelled.

    Like all liberals it appears you are hiding your head in the sand. Republicans offered 52 amendments to the Senate socialized medicine bill. The Democrat majority rejected them all. without a vote.

    Obama and the Democrats excluded Republicans from private meetings on health care legislation. Republicans are not allowed to participate in the reconciliation process on the bills that were passed.

    Conservatives have long expressed the following: tort reform to reduce jury verdicts and to curb unnecessary defensive medicine, the elimination of unfunded mandates, streamlining of the burdensome and unnecessary regulations on both the health care industry and the health insurance industry, allowing some 1300 health insurance companies to compete nationwide, elimination of Medicaid and Medicare price fixingn.

    Conservatives know it is not proper for government to try to force anyone to buy insurance. It is unconstitutional. There are not 50 million uninsured. That claim is bogus. The number of people who want to buy insurance and who truly cannot afford it is at most 12 million. We still have safety nets: Medicare, Medicaid, CHIPS, WICK.

    People who cannot afford insurance will not buy it, no matter the cost. If you are so concerned about others, buy insurance for people who need it.

  12. Reconstitute America says:
    Since you are to lazy to do research on your own and realize the Democrats won’t accept the Republican alternatives, and your naive listening to the liberal media, here are the alternatives.

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