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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Insolvency » Why haven’t I been able to find one Obama supporter in real life able to defend him with intellect?

Why haven’t I been able to find one Obama supporter in real life able to defend him with intellect?

Talking to them is like talking to a wall.

They can’t defend their position.

They can’t dispute facts that show their position is 100% flawed

They almost INSTANTLY go into deflection/insult mode at the first HINT of anti-Obama sentiment

It’s a joke. Where are all the intelligent, progressive, logical Obama voters? Could it be that they are all just sheep brainwashed by the MSM and PC policies that have been shoved down their throats since birth?

Can a black man really do no evil in their eyes, even as he leads the country in insolvency and destroys the bindings of our Union?

Why can I not find a SINGLE supporter that is able to even REMOTELY defend their position?



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34 Responses to "Why haven’t I been able to find one Obama supporter in real life able to defend him with intellect?"

  1. Mercer Devil says:
    We’ve never met.
  2. Onlooker says:
    They’re probably having trouble talking in the simple terms that you can understand. What you mistake for lack of intellect are simply ideas that are over your head.
  3. Not You says:
    If they dont mention Bush they have nothing.
  4. Grumpy McGrumperson says:
    Well, why don’t you post some facts instead of broad generalizations, and an intelligent question instead of whining…and we’ll be happy to talk….
  5. James H says:
    Ranting so early on a friday? Tell you what, take the weekend off and try again next week.
  6. nomad says:
    He was not voted in because of his policies.
  7. Shirley says:
  8. nostradamus02012 says:
    well you’d have to actually talk to and listen to people to get any indication of what others think.
  9. Liberty or Death says:
    They don’t exist.

  10. violated2 says:
    they’re “ObamaFried”..
  11. Obama Fan says:
    Well, Right Wing Extremist Veteran, it’s probably because you’ve surrounded yourself with other right wing extremists. By the way, where is your position that is based on facts?
  12. Ronny signing off. Nano Nano! says:
    It would be better if you left Hooterville.
  13. michelob86 says:
    Because you’re hanging out with the cast of “Deliverance.”

    Try moving up in the world.

    Oh, and before you ask, I don’t have a perty mouth.

  14. bluefootedpig says:
    because like all americans, 80% vote because of party or some other guideline. Only 20% as it has been shown time and time again, are the amount of people that actually look at both candidates and look at the issues before voting.

    Also, now that obama is elected, most people most likely wont keep tabs on him unless he makes the TV news.

  15. William S says:
    Because they are as sharp as marbles…listen to them, all they ever do is repeat word for word everything Obama has said…they all sound like little parrots sitting on Obama’s shoulder. They absolutely crack me up.
  16. . says:
    Why use intellect with someone who wouldn’t recognize it?
  17. how_would_I_know says:
    Why would any logical or intelligent person support Obama?
  18. says:
    I bet talking to you is like talking to a wall as well righty.
  19. WaterSpider18 says:
    I support Obama.

    I am open to hear how my positions are “100% flawed”. In fact, I’m floored that you know all of my positions based on the fact that I support Obama. No wonder you can’t meet your match. You are the most intuitive person in history.

    Proper grammar would be beneficial, too, especially when espousing one’s intellect.

  20. Eric R says:
    There are no Obama supporters with true intellect.

    They lack common sense!

  21. CL says:
    well maybe your life is spent, wasting time, just looking around for us. but we have more important things to do. you never see us because were inside buildings, offices, and schools, working and learning. its not our fault that our buildings and schools have security measures that they must follow. they just cant let in any psychotic person. so sorry you cant enter our schools and buildings and talk to us while were working and learning.
  22. Alan S says:
    the answer is buried within your question. Upon reading it and seeing how open you are about trying to understand someone else’s view, it’s apparent that any intelligent responses would fall on barren ground.
  23. Lttlehrse says:
    You’d have as much luck defending the tooth fairy.

    Buckwheat can no longer hide his total INCOMPETENCE.

    It’s center stage, and we watch as he makes one HUGE mistake after another.

  24. Buck J says:
    That or that start in on Bush. Lib-tards,You can’t defend the indefensible.
  25. Vernon Dozier: Redux says:
    I assure you I can defend my positions. Bring it, my friend. The proverbial light is green. :)

    Throw a topic out there and let’s go. No generalities or vague statements of bloviated Neocon rhetoric please, let’s talk actual issues.

  26. Krystal♥¸.•*¨)¸.•*¨ says:
  27. tankgirl190 says:
    Because just like bigfoot, they don’t exist. only in pretend-land. I am a conservative/republican artist, so if you can imagine, I get the insults and deflection stuff all the time. Every day in fact. Don’t you think they would come up with new material after a while? “Is it because he’s black?” “We won get over it”…come on!
  28. Labgrrl says:
    If you hate this country and her ELECTED OFFICIALS then leave. Enough said.

    This seditious talk would’ve gotten you waterboarded under Bush.

  29. Southern Traditions Forever says:
    I noticed about half the avowed liberals who answered already proved your point.
  30. Stephen E says:
    and you never will
  31. boomgoesthebmw says:
    First off I’m conservative. I am I watch fox news, msnbc, and CNN. And I too get the reaction when I say anything aginst him. I also get called a racist wich infuriates me since race really does not matter. So now I usually keep my Obama comments to my fellow conservatives. I beleave that most people who voted for him are now resenting if. His approval rating is droping and I think people are finding out more reasons to dislike him.
    But the main reason is that they are under informed about obama and all they know is the empty promises that Obama gave them in the begining of his campaing.
    If you want to contact me email me at
  32. Ianthe says:
    Maybe you should broaden your horizons and stop asking liberal children between the ages of 2 and 5. :-) I’m pretty sure that you would almost get the same answer! I didn’t conform and vote for him because everyone else was or because he was very popular on T.V. I took the liberty to actually do some research on him and was impressed with I saw. He is very intelligent as a matter of fact! He came from nothing and showed the world that success not only comes with wealth but with education and wisdom! I’m also pretty sure that his goal wasn’t to be President while he was in HARVARD. He saw that this country was in Dire Straits because of an uneducated man that went to YALE and can’t even put a complete sentence together. Oh yeah, all the rednecks and the wealthy voted for him because he held two traits; one working for each class. Number one trait:wealthy; number two trait: absolutely retarted. When he first hit the spotlight, he hit home for all of us working class Americans who wanted to see a change. He made an ass out of McCain and made Palin look like the ass of the pitbull she compared herself with. Opposers holds the CHANGE factor against him by expecting to see it within the first few months of his presidency. People who think logically know better than that. The deficit didn’t happen within a few months, it happened in years. Just like the other idiots, you were rooting ol’ Dubya on! Your asking him to pull a rabbit out of his ass! He is not a magician, he is a human. I didn’t see you up there straining your brain trying to come up with a better plan. Intellect huh? You wouldn’t know it if it bit you on the couch potato ass you sit on all day! Ha! I rest my case!
  33. tehabwa says:
    Because you’re incapable of recognizing intellect when you see it.

    I DO defend my position — look at my answers in this section of this site.

    You don’t hve FACTS showing my position is flawed. Delusions and lies are NOT facts.

    The right is a joke. They are all brainwashed by Rush, O’Reilly, Fox, Coulter, and the rest of the hate-mongering liars they mindlessly believe.

    No one has said that “a black man can do no evil” — again, people who tell you we support Obama because some of his ancestors were born in Africa have been lying to you.

    Uh, if you want me to support a position, you need to specify what position you want me to defend. You left that out of your question entirely. LOL — good old wing-nut brainlessness!

  34. Enchantress says:
    In all fairness, I believe you proved your point beautifully basing on the replies- most of them are insulting and reflects the mindset, and not just an individualistic one. The problem as I see it, is the difference between arrogance and ignorance- one cannot see past the end of their nose if they are unwilling to discern themselves. It is usually psychosomatic becoming snippy, irritable, and egotistically selfish. What one individual applies as fact, one can come back and very easily dispute- we call them debates and constructive criticism, without giving any benefit to either party. But stating that all supporters of one party who voted are 100% flawed, is also a typeset- you’re assuming the lack of beneficial progress on their end and with the way this country is going, layoffs every single day, whole companies bankrupt, a socioeconomic downfall… are all considerations to the attitude of those type of positions.
    It is not all worthless when one can dissect what exactly is being said and done when the opposite is happening- read between the lines because sometimes it is a whole lot better to allow others that type of freedom in their mind; if it makes them comfortable, so be it but in the long run, we cannot keep running away, especially when things get serious and the need for some type of peace is mitigated through hostility, bigotry, extreme violence… which is excatly what is occurring at this moment, a form of history repeating itself. On the bright side, the U.S.A. is still a young country, and I have seen Obama supporters who have regretted their vote in reality, you may not witness it over the internet through fear tactics and manipulative agendas, but they are there and absolutely afraid because of broken promises and not just viewing what is happening around the world, but hitting close to home, sometimes to the point of trauma.

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