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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Insolvency » Why is it most Americans can’t tell the difference between High Gas Prices and personal insolvency/poverty ???

Why is it most Americans can’t tell the difference between High Gas Prices and personal insolvency/poverty ???

Could it be that Gas has remained at the same price for most of the World; but your Bush dollars have devalued 400%


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12 Responses to "Why is it most Americans can’t tell the difference between High Gas Prices and personal insolvency/poverty ???"

  1. sonicdeathmonkey says:
    Because you’re an idiot?
  2. Dick Tater says:
    I don’t think that’s true. Why have oil prices gone up 400% since 2000?
  3. angelvanwinkle143 says:
    I don’t get it. You mean like, people THINK they’re poor because the gas prices are high, but then poor people really ARE poor and people don’t know the difference?
  4. papyrusbtl says:
    Love your avatar!
  5. slykitty62 says:
    Huh? Gas prices may put me into poverty, but I am not there yet. But I still don’t understand this question.
  6. Mrs. Pickles the lunch lady says:
    What are you talking about?
  7. tx_trotter95 says:
    The former can certainly contribute to becoming the latter. But, I’m not totally certain I understand your point.
  8. tribeca_belle says:
    Your question is unclear. Individuals know the difference between high gas prices and insolvency and poverty. The causal connection is that the high gas prices may drive some to those situations.
  9. Puller58 says:
    Personal finance isn’t an American strong suit. Notice all the credit repair businesses out there? There’re not there because people know how to budget.
  10. southwind says:
    Growing up……..101.

    Because you can’t start out in your youth being sovereign bunkee. (That is unless you have had that shining silver spoon that your parents hold shoved so far up that it tickles your tonsils.) Maybe you know something about this?

    First off….. gas has gone up 150% since Bush entered office. This has transfered to escalating food prices causing them to rise 75% since Bush has been in office. The cost of clothing is up 55% since 2001. Remember these words, “Read my lips……. NO MORE TAXES!” Guess what…….. WRONG! Taxes have increased 15% since Bush has been in office.

    Together with the fact that wages have only gone up for the middle and lower classes a heaping 11% since Bush has been in office.

    Can you honestly say it is some individuals fault for being hungry or losing their home because they are not solvent? What planet are you from?

  11. A-List Landscaping says:
    The “US People” that buy oil stocks are helping the prices to stay high. Right now the stock market is crap, so many Americans are buying and banking on oil which in turn helps screw the rest of us. Just buy half a tank at a time, drive less, and only buy gas from mom and pop places. Do not buy gas from Citgo, Valero, Sunoco, BP, and Shell. They buy most of their gas from Iran and Venezuela.
  12. Republicans wear flip flops says:
    Two questions for you. What planet are you living on? What planet are you from?

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