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Why is President Obama trying to take funds from Social Security?

and drive it into insolvency?

He wants to continue to take billions every year that is supposed to go into the Social Security fund and give it to big business.

@Lois Griffin, yes he is. Maybe you do not watch the news but he was in Scranton, PA today pushing for it.
@Lawgirl: What does this have to do with the Health Care bill?
@Charles: And what about the billions he already gave away, that is never coming back and he has no plans to replace it. Stolen plain and simple.


  1. which president started the process of “borrowing” from the Social Security fund? Leading to the threat of insolvency that allows nitwits like Rick Perry to call it a “Ponzi Scheme” ...

  2. demos please explain how the mighty obama will run health care when social security and medicare are about to? At a time when major government programs like Medicare and fail ?has obama got a magic wand? Medicaid are already...

  3. Why do the GOP insist that their raiding of Social Security proves an insolvency inherent in Security Security? Yes, the Democrats nibbled….but 2 unpaid for Wars and took the biggest bite! ...

  4. What do you think of the “insolvency” of Social Security? I’m 52, been paying into it ALL my adult working life, and now it looks like I’m getting NOTHING?? (I...

  5. What do you think of this article about social security and medicare (link at the bottom)? Pay attention to the third paragraph as well saying that nothing is actually in the two trust funds other then...

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10 Responses to "Why is President Obama trying to take funds from Social Security?"

  1. acid victim 25 says:
    It’s part of his strategy to bankrupt America

    He wants to extend the “payroll tax holiday” which is a cut in Social Security taxes
    And the tax cuts in his “Jobs Bill” are further reductions in Social Security taxes

    The Social Security system is void of cash, and Obama wants to cut revenue further
    Insanity……unless your goal is to bankrupt the system

  2. mhp_wizo_93_418 says:
    already did in the obama care bill. took out a huge chunk and tries to blame it on the republicans, ALL the republicans voted NAY (no) on the obummer care health bill. -… ….
  3. Lois Griffin says:
    he’s not.
  4. Always Right Never Wrong says:
    Obama already took over 800 Million Dollars in Medicare Funds away from Medicare and gave it to Obamacare resulting in making Medicare more insolvent then it was and causing huge cuts in Medicare benefits.
  5. Bluecrusty, another weak minded blocker says:
    Libs never saw a dollar they couldn’t spend, in fact they spent trillions they never even saw.
  6. Monkin says:
    Its time that the American People come to the realization that the interest and well being of the American People are not the same as the interest of 0bama. 0bama’s socialist ideology is proving to be the destruction of the American economy. Wake up America before its too late!
  7. Lawgirl says:
    LOL. The health care bill was not drafted by Obama and much of it was a compromise. You cons are so gullible.

    I am commenting on the answers you received. Duh.

  8. Charles U. Farley says:
    A better question is why cons suddenly care. They have been trying to destroy it for years.

    Oh, that’s right, Obama is not trying to de-fund it. The money would be taken out of the general fund, which would be paid for, with a tax on millionaires and over.

  9. Paul says:
    Because in anything but capitalism you eventually run out of other people’s money.
  10. Bubbles says:
    The raids on the Social Security Trust Fund have been going on for decades: I think it may have started during Reagan’s administration. It gets me how conservatives keep blaming SS for the current problems with the deficit. There is massive wasteful spending happening that has nothing to do with human service programs. Anybody remember the $300 hammer scandal in the 80′s where government contractors were massively inflating the costs of very inexpensive items? We all thought the government caught on and stopped it but I saw a documentary about 6 months ago that was showing how it is still going on. Now it’s $400 for a washer–yeah, those little metal round things plumbers use that cost about a buck for a pack at the Home Depot. Conservatives are using SS as some platform to get votes and trying to distract (successfully, unfortunately) constituents from seeing where the real waste is.

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