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  1. Occupy Wall Street | Occupy Austin, Protestors at City Hall, Anonymous, Class Warfare & Greed Occupy Wall Street | Occupy Austin, Anonymous Fighters Protest Class Warfare Has corporate greed gone too far? Does...

  2. Show & Tell: Occupy Wall St. Goals Occupy Wall Street protesters have been accused of lacking any sort of coherent goals or solutions. Find out what...

  3. Fox News Gets Owned by Protesters Occupying Wall Street Jesse LaGreca from Occupy Wall Street talks to Fox News…this clip never made it to air, via Kyle Christopher...

  4. Occupy, A generation crying out for change! Introduction to the book Occupy, A generation crying out for change. available at The Occupy Wall Street movement...

  5. The Fainting Bankers of Wall Street Watch the full Keiser Report E176 on Thursday. This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss the Fainting...

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  1. JuifVivant says:
    “[Elizabeth Warren] has been criticizing Scott Brown for being ‘Wall Street’s favorite Senator’…but she hauled in an eye-popping $5.7 million the last three months of 2011 — refused to swear off Wall Street money [Wednesday], instead claiming that any money she gets from deep-pocketed financiers is coming from those who ‘want reform.’ ”
    —Boston Herald 12 Jan 2012
  2. justshmoove says:
    Thank you for this video. Very clear, precise and to the points of the matter.
  3. 487shawn says:
    @kimhunter2 sorry so late , but great reply!
  4. OnenessNow says:
    Unite .together with Our Friends here and everywhere..We r showering Divine Love and Blessings from our ♥s 2 all beautiful Islands of Japan and Our Beloved Earth and Humanity ♥ safely shifting 2 The Golden Crystal Age~Happiness 2 All~Oneness Love and Light Infinite~Thank U Beloved Mighty I Am Presence- ♥ Heaven and Earth United Us~as We R accepting this divine ~Gifts~of I AM~Oneness Love Light Supreme Infinite~The Light of God that Never Fails~in all its forms~We R Forever Flowering
  5. parrettime says:
  6. TheBestwry says:
    and they wonder why people are in the streets!!!
  7. bethseattleslue says:
    and we wonder why where here!!!!! just keep voting republican! hey their for christ don’t you know there stealing your children future but hey as long as they mouth the words you want to hear what the hell!!
  8. kimhunter2 says:
    @MigratoryEagle It goes WAY beyond our “Public Servants”. No matter the country, politicians are mere shill to distract people into thinking they have a choice. The real problem are the few sick puppet masters of our leaders globally.
  9. 487shawn says:
    @kimhunter2 all i can say is i couldn’t agree more, but i have studied enough history to see where this is going and its very troubling, but we must try at least we go down swinging!
  10. profsat5 says:
    Elizabeth Warren for President of the United States. She’s smart,She knows economics,She is really concerned about the 99% people,She tells the truth,She asks the questions that make career politicians squirm,Lord how I wish she was running for President!
  11. kimhunter2 says:
    @487shawn 1700 cities globally “Occupy”. All “leaders” pander to few, always at the detriment to the people they serve. It’s the system of corruption that lobby, litigate, bully and bribe their way into every element of our lives. Even single cell organisms unite and fight for survival when their very species is threatened. 157 corps own everything. From the banks to Monsanto’s global destruction to big oil with private profits and public liability. We are the change
  12. TIMBER2071 says:
    Thats why…..
  13. TIMBER2071 says:

    A-….Check your national debt records…(MUST SEE)

    EDUCTE YOURSELF FIRST !!!..Helps yourself from asking silly questions later in life.
    99% have to pay this debt in the way of taxes.
    The 1% who dont pay their taxes own this debt.
    Now then,with your newfound knowledge…WTF are you going to do with it ??????????????????????????????????????

  14. lightandbeautiful says:
    Please visit my channel for the unpopular truth about homosexuality.

    A person does not need hatred or any kind of phobia in order to acknowledge important differences between heterosexual attraction / behavior / marriage / adoption and homosexual attraction / behavior / marriage / adoption. Even non-religious people know this.

    Homosexual activists, with support from the media, have succeeded at framing themselves as noble victims; it’s an effective way to push a social agenda.

  15. YurVanGor says:
    great compilation, but can someone normalize the volume?!
  16. 487shawn says:
    @Xenex025 stabilization was done , the orginal was fine it could be that the clips where in different formats i really don’t know why it came out this way after upload?
  17. Xenex025 says:
    why does the volume change so much ,so often? was there no stabilization done?
  18. inwood75 says:
    Elizabeth Warren Is awesome!
  19. jkbxpunk1 says:
    Someone should do an anatomy of the US and how it will fail.
  20. jkbxpunk1 says:
    The audio blows on this video!
  21. Tsteve08 says:
    @487shawn Don’t need to be sorry about it, lol. I was just wondering.
  22. mysticismofchrist says:
    (la) oferta se exige la oferta
    (the) bid been demanding bid
  23. mysticismofchrist says:
    (la) oferta se exige la oferta
    (the) bid been demanding bid
  24. mysticismofchrist says:
    (la) oferta se exige la oferta
    (the) bid been demanding bid

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