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Why should I vote Democrat?

Last year, 2/3rds of my generation voted Democrat. The Democrats, so we were led to believe, would reverse the war and theocracy of the Bush years. Supposedly, Democrats would end the Iraq and Afghan wars. They have not done so. Supposedly, Democrats would shut down the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives and separate Church and State just as the Founders intended. They have not done so. Supposedly, Democrats would repeal the Patriot Act. They have not done so. The Democrats promised transparency. They have not delivered. In fact, the Democrats recently gutted the bill that would have audited the secretive Federal Reserve Bank (Mel Watt from NC-12 is to blame for this; Watt is from a gerrymandered district and even called Ralph Nader a racial slur a few years ago; he also fought against regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac). They said they would close Guantanamo. They have not done so.

Instead, the Democrats have given us a bunch of new social programs we can’t afford to pay for. Even though Social Security and Medicare are on the verge of insolvency, the Democrats now want to nationalize health care. Even though the economy is in poor shape, the Democrats want to let the Bush tax cuts expire, bringing about a tax increase and they want to drastically raise the cost of energy in the hope that they can lower the temperature a few degrees in a few decades.

Ever since the Democrats took over Congress a few years ago, they have done nothing good and much harm to our country. Democrats refused to stand up to Bush and defund his illegal War on Iraq (even though Nancy Pelosi promised she would end the war if we made her Speaker; she has not done so). Democrats passed the “Protect America” Act and later, after it expired, gave immunity to telecom companies that illegally spied on American citizens on behalf of the Bush administration. Obama promised to put every bill on his site for a few days for public comment before signing it. He has not done so, in most cases. Obama also promised not to raise taxes on anybody who makes less than $250,000 a year, yet he signed an SCHIP bill that raised cigarette taxes (last I checked, most smokers make less than $250,000 a year), supports a health care bill that taxes people who choose not to buy health insurance (most of whom make less than $250,000 a year), and wants a tax on carbon dioxide that would be paid primarily by people who make less than $250,000 a year. I am particularly disturbed by the Afghan War. The “government” of Afghanistan has no credibility and there is absolutely no hope of a “victory” in Afghanistan, other than a victory for the Taliban. Yet, the Obama administration plans to send more troops to appease General McCrystal.

Considering that the Democrats have continued the worst policies of the Bush administration and the only “change” they have brought has been in the form of social programs we can’t afford, why exactly should I vote Democrat? Wouldn’t I be better off “throwing away” my vote on a 3rd party candidate who at least stands for something other than the status quo? I don’t see any point in voting for Republicans (with the exception of Ron Paul, who will actually end the Afghan and Iraq Wars if he wins the 2012 presidential election and will push for repeal of the Bush-Obama legacy). Why exactly should I vote for the Democrats when they have repudiated everything good that they claimed to stand for?

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10 Responses to "Why should I vote Democrat?"

  1. Paul Revere says:
    You’re free to vote for whoever you want —

    Is this the answer you’re looking for? Or are you just trying to slam Democrats?

    btw: Ron Paul will never be President — get over it.

  2. Madame W says:
    Because you want the final victory in the great class war.
  3. Brown9500v1 says:
    Who knows, you may wise up eventually.
  4. Annamarie . says:
    Vote for whoever you want. This is America.
    I’ll do the same.
  5. Susan....Go Pokes!!! says:
    Too long to read. You don’t vote ‘democrat’. You should vote for the candidates who you think will be the better choice, regardless of party.
  6. Don't Ask Stupid questions says:
    you shouldn’t unless you like forcing people to let you spend lots of their hard earned money to help people they don’t even know,
  7. Candee says:
    If this health care thing passes, our taxes will be way up!!
    Also don’t forget about the soda tax.

    Hopefully in 2010 we will have some good candidates on both sides to vote for. Almost everyone in there can’t run this country.

  8. merlin says:
    Believe me you and I both will not throw our vote away by voting for Ron Paul…………Everything you stated is in fact correct…….Faith based still here….Fannie Mae , Freddie Mac , and The Fed have to go……………..A thorough investigation with accountants will show why……….And most importantly is to stop those 2 wars……Now !!!!
  9. YB Logical says:
    Your question lends credence to the fact that the country has a one party political system with two arms, Democratic and Republican.
    The reality is that there are no 3rd parties, only small competing 2nd parties.
    The more things “change”, the more they remain the same.
  10. jimporsche86 says:
    You shouldn’t.

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