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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Law » Why won’t my bankruptcy attorney accept payments?

Why won’t my bankruptcy attorney accept payments?


  1. Why won’t my bankruptcy attorney accept payments from me? ...

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12 Responses to "Why won’t my bankruptcy attorney accept payments?"

  1. Jennie is class of 2009!! says:
    Hmmm i wonder why?
  2. An Agent 47®™ Production says:
    can you say follow the bouncing rubber check
  3. ~♥broken hearted girl♥~ says:
    are you paying him with checks?
  4. I♥Y!A+JT is sick of Y!A says:
    They’re just jealous that you still have money during the credit crunch
  5. Pirate ☼ Kitten says:
    Because you have no money
  6. princess fluff 2 says:
    Mine does, but I pay with sexual favors.
  7. Shaggy6Mile-1994-Dublin07 says:
    They’re waiting for Obama to spread the wealth……
  8. Snotto le Cloun says:
    Stop trying to pay in subway tokens. Doy.
  9. Valkyrie™ says:
    You need to find one that needs some secks-favors.
  10. Mr. Just Julie says:
    I’ve been paying for you behind your back.

    < ~~~ great guy.

  • Mike H In New Orleans suspended says:
    How many checks have you bounced.
  • Amy Feckalot says:
    he has a crack habit and he needs all the money to buy a sh!t load of the stuff
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