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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Law » Will a bankruptcy lawyer drop your case if you can’t provide all required documentation?

Will a bankruptcy lawyer drop your case if you can’t provide all required documentation?

My wife and I are wanting to declare bankruptcy and our lawyer is asking us for our last 2 years tax returns.

We have one, but moved in the last 2 years and do not have a completed 2007 form. We can’t find our W2′s. I am trying to get it the original ordered through the IRS but it takes 60 days.

What is the usual protocol? Will the court and lawyer wait for us to get it?


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5 Responses to "Will a bankruptcy lawyer drop your case if you can’t provide all required documentation?"

  1. Lee J says:
    As long as you keep paying the little parasite, he’ll keep your case open.
  2. michael k says:
    You can get copies of your W’2 from your previous employer. The lawyer will not drop your case. He’ll want all the money he can get. It will just prolong the case until all the documentation is provided.
  3. lkl says:
    He can put your case on hold, but I will tell you, it is quite irresponsible of you two not having those things in order, in a file cabinet with the last 10 years at least of tax papers. You never know when you’ll be audited and you don’t mess w/ the IRS so that should be your priority right now, getting your home in order, and I am talking organized and not cleaning up the house.

    Moving two years ago is plenty of time to be unpacked, when we moved which we have done several times in our marriage, the whole file cabinet of taxes were all in order so we just had the cabinet to move and not papers scattered about.

    You may not like my answer but sounds like you need to get your life organized.

  4. STEVEN F says:
    It DOES NOT take 60 days to obtain your tax information from the IRS. You SHOULD request, not an actual copy, but a transcript of you return. It should arrive within 2 weeks.
  5. Libraryanna says:
    Explain to your lawyer if it’s a problem. I’m sure you are not the first one this has happened to and they will wait. Lawyers aren’t the parasites so many seem to think, they charge for the work they have to do and believe me, sometimes dealing with people is worth well more than lawyers charge. If you can do it on your own, you should. If you have an IRS office nearby, request it in person, it tends to be faster.

    Most lawyers charge a flat fee for bankruptcy, so the nonsense about lawyers trying to earn more doesn’t apply.

    Assuming you filed for bankruptcy rather than being forced into it, then the court should wait. Just realize the debt and interest continues to accrue during that time and if foreclosure is an issue, that may happen anyway.

    The person to ask is your lawyer. Let him/her know right away so they can take the action they need.

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