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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Debt Consolidation and Refinancing » Will a “Debt Consolidation ” company also help with Ed fund student loans that are now defaulted?

Will a “Debt Consolidation ” company also help with Ed fund student loans that are now defaulted?

I am considering looking into debt consolidation. My student loans are being garnished by ed fund from my wages. they have also just taken my Ca state income tax check. If I do debt consolidation, will they be able to stop my wages from being garnished?


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3 Responses to "Will a “Debt Consolidation ” company also help with Ed fund student loans that are now defaulted?"

  1. Suddenly Human says:
    No. This is a last resort by the government to get their money after all other options have been exausted. You already have a long history of non payment so they won’t be able to stop your wages from being garnished or your income tax returns from being seized. Student loan debt can’t be grouped into any other debts you might have by the way. Sorry.
  2. Lovin Obama/Biden 08 says:
    I am in a similiar situation.My loans have defaulted and the sad part is now I am back in school (I am paying cash) and cannot get any grants due to my defaulted loans.

    You have two options1 quit your job and get another one (it will take a while before they find your new job and begin to garnish)

    2- Just let them keep garnishing at least after a while your bills will be paid off. (if you need extra money get a second job)

    Me I am going to call them and make arrangements so they won;t garnish.

  3. Jose V says:
    No unless you payed them off with credit cards

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