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Will Filing Bankruptcy Help with Garnished Wages?

If you’re facing a wage garnishment, it’s probably a pretty good sign that you’re in need of some debt relief. Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer to help you with your garnishment is a great first step, but you may still be wondering: Can I ever recover my garnished money?

Having a bankruptcy attorney file your bankruptcy claim can stop creditors from garnishing your wages immediately. Along with that, a bankruptcy lawyer may even be able to get some of the wages taken by your creditors back! How much?

According to the US Bankruptcy court, you could recover some or all of your wages that had been garnished in the 90 days before you decided to file for bankruptcy. This is however only under specific circumstances. The sooner you file for bankruptcy, the more likely it is that you could recover these wages. As previously mentioned, a wage deduction is a pretty good indicator that your debt is getting beyond your control. Contact an attorney as soon as possible, as waiting will only make things worse. You’ll have the best chance at getting real protection if you take action quickly.


In some cases they can take up to 15% of your gross weekly wages, which could prevent you from keeping up with the rest of your debts, or even putting food on the table for your family. What does that mean? Say you get paid $500 per week. If your wages are being garnished, you could be losing $75 a week! That’ll put a dent in your grocery budget, as the average family spends $150 on groceries every trip.

Once you see the math, you realize what a terrible blow a garnishment can serve to your budget! Getting previously garnished wages back is, if nothing else, a blessing, along with getting credit card debt help and relief from your creditors. The bankruptcy laws are some of the most powerful that you can take advantage of and a bankruptcy lawyer can help you understand the full scope of what you can do with them. If you want to make sure you can take full advantage of filing for bankruptcy and get true credit card debt help and relief from your creditors, you need an experienced and determined bankruptcy attorney.

To get the relief you and your family deserve, like recovering those garnished wages and getting your debt relief, look for a bankruptcy lawyer who will provide you free information before you even set foot in an office!

Jim Brown is a bankruptcy attorney based in St. Louis, Missouri. He has spent 15 years fighting an industry that consistently takes advantage of hard-working Americans.He started his firm, Castle Law Office, with his wife and best friend, Sherrie. In his spare time, he enjoys coaching youth hockey, golfing, and spending time with his three wonderful children.For more information, visit


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