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Will i be able to get into an ivy league school?

So I am a freshman which i guess is kind of early but hey it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead. Some information about me:
I take 4 honors classes (Geometry, English I, Biology, and World History)
I am very good at speaking Spanish and am in the highest level class offered to freshmen. I will probably do a foreign exchange program at some point to improve my conversational skills
I am on the tennis team, varsity swim team, and lacrosse. I am also in concert band and marching band for playing the baritone horn. I plan on joining the school’s jazz band next year.
I have been playing piano for a long time (since i was 7)
I also play guitar and may take up the harp
Also, I am a part of the youth group at my church and i do a church camp in the summer
I am on the Biology team and I am part of a club that works with local kids with disabilities

Also I volunteer with the special olympics and help teach sunday school
I am planning on starting a charity to raise money for a disability that my brother was born with
Oh, and I am on the student council
So yeah, if i think of anything else, i’ll write it. Thanks so much!
yeah i completely forgot to mention grades. i have had all A’s in all of my classes so far this year except for an 89.3 in biology which was pretty annoying (so close!!! ;) . We just got our midterm results back and i did well on all of my tests.
oh and i did dance for 9 years
And yeah i wouldn’t limit myself to only ivies but something on that level or close to it


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5 Responses to "Will i be able to get into an ivy league school?"

  1. adam5657 says:
    yea if you keep up all this stuff and most importantly your grades you will be able to apply to ivy leagues…just make sure you can make a good impression when you are interviewed for those schools because that will probably be the only thing that could break your chances if you are as good as a student as you say
  2. Amaretta says:
    You’ve got some great extracurriculars, but the bottom line at the top schools is usually grades and test scores. You’ll want to take the toughest curriculum available at your school — as many honors and AP courses as you can handle successfully — and make sure you’re one of the top students in your class (particularly if a lot of the students at your school apply to the Ivies). You also want to look beyond the Ivy League because there are many excellent colleges and universities in this country and you can get a great education at many of them.
  3. light headed says:
    wow, you’re smart!! I dropped out my junior year
  4. Tla says:
    It sounds like your already in! Lol but I think you will have no problem just keep it up throughout your highschool years.. Good luck :)

    Btw will you helP answer one of my questions!?;_ylt=Amfurcp6oWXMAZOzN2QcmpXsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110207204522AAlE4rq

  5. dancing_smurf says:
    Hi Gracie,

    I feel you are on the right tract provided you maintain your grades. In the next few years I would recommend taking AP classes in English, Calculus, two of the three physical sciences (Biology, Chemistry, & Physics) with score of 5 on each of the AP test. Also I would focus on scoring a minimum 2100 composite on the SAT. If you can do that then I feel you would have a better than average chance of making an Ivy League or near Ivy League school, like Duke or Northwestern.

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