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Will the teachers union be upset when California takes bankruptcy and they lose their retirement?

The only way to save California is to repudiate existing public sector contracts and start over. This movement is gaining purchase as the only possible solution to the public sector greed of the last 60 years. Do you think this is a good idea?


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10 Responses to "Will the teachers union be upset when California takes bankruptcy and they lose their retirement?"

  1. Frank Capoano says:
    Lets be honest

    Is there anyone here in the politics section that doesn’t thing we are gonna end up bailing out that cesspool of human waste, illegal aliens and all?

  2. Reality has a Liberal bias says:
    This is called “reneging on a contract.”

    I thought Cons had principles. Guess not.

  3. zereddog says:
    can you name magazine you read.
  4. Typical California Liberal says:
    You need us a damn lot more than we need you. We are the 8th largest economy in the world, and you would have no tourism to the US without
  5. Primo says:
    Yes. Because it would be the teachers Union Fault for being so damn greedy. The unions are part of the problem with california
  6. FOOD FIGHT! says:
    Their retirement is insured by the PBGC. No
  7. Charles says:
    no we get to bail out the union then bankrupt on every private company or individual. like we did for the uaw with the gm bail out.
  8. Mike S says:
    Not at all, such a move would have to get past the courts and they ususally take the side of the unions. Not to mention the fact that the politicians will let everything else go to hell before they would ever disappoint their union masters. Otherwise how would they get elected. You have a good day now
  9. Mark Bailey says:
    No because it has been guaranteed, well at least for the ones currently retired but the future of pensions will have to be changed because they have far exceeded both the taxpayers own benefits (by far) and the taxpayers ability to pay for those excessive pensions and health care plans.

    To the guy who says that we need California far more than California needs us. Great then pay your own bills and keep your social issues inside your own state.

  10. Ancient Thinker says:

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