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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Insolvency » with cities in california going bankrupt, how can the state?

with cities in california going bankrupt, how can the state?

think local government can bail the state out? is it time for california to fact fact of insolvency? bankruptcy? even if it is!!!! the 8th largest economy on earth? i think califorina has most inept group of legeslatrers and governor ever! WORSE THA NEW YORK


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2 Responses to "with cities in california going bankrupt, how can the state?"

  1. mike says:
    People are exaggerating, like you, California has a great GDP and it will recover.
  2. Liberalwacker says:
    We did face it, which is why we voted the propositions down…and you are right about our legislatures, as this is the sebastian of Liberalism and the state is sinking because of it!

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