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Word of the Day: Bank Run

Watch the full episode of Capital Account with Lauren Lyster at A bank run is a situation in which numerous bank customers try to withdraw their bank deposits simultaneously and the bank’s reserves are not sufficient to cover the withdrawals. In December 1930, a bank run started at the Southern Boulevard branch in The Bronx of the Bank of the United States. Depositors were seeking to withdraw their money and started what is usually considered the bank run that helped to kicked off the Great Depression. The New York Times reported that the run was based on a false rumor spread by someone who claimed that the bank had refused to sell his stock. The next day, fearing a full out run on the bank, the directors decided to close their doors and asked the Superintendent of Banks to take over the banks assets. This bank run was reminiscent of the type seen on New York trust companies during the panic of 1907, and in particular, the run on the Knickerbocker Trust Company. Follow Lauren on Twitter:

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24 Responses to "Word of the Day: Bank Run"

  1. boscoesarmy says:
    @markv65 I’d inhale the steam of her piss !
  2. markv65 says:
    I would drink her bathwater!
  3. ThePubelessWonder says:
    @TheGavatar0com It won’t be worth shit anyway if SHTF
  4. boscoesarmy says:
    Part 2 of this is ‘ What is Pepper spray ‘
  5. TheGavatar0com says:
    Get your money out before it’s too late. America is heading for disaster.
  6. atiboy1 says:
    The truth of the 1907 Wall Street collapse is dumbfounding because besides mainly happening because of the greed of two brothers who wanted to control the copper market, it was partially caused by one rich American, JP Morgan. He planted the rumor that Westinghouse was insolvent and that created panic and a run on the Knickerbocker Trust. So, what was JP Morgan’s motive for planting that rumor? His interests were with General Electric, which was competing with Westinghouse over AC/DC current
  7. boscoesarmy says:
    Trust us honey.. We all know what a Bank Run is… Just tells how to be first in line.
  8. Stevie68000 says:
    Jew & Economic Destruction

    1. 1998 Brooksley Born ( white woman ) wanted to regulate the subprime mortages. She was Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in America.

    2. 5 Jews defeated her : Alan Greenspan. Robert Rubin, Lawrence Summers, Arthur Levitt & Timothy Geithner ( appointed Obama’s Treasury Secretary )

    3. In 2008 these subprime mortgages exploded & thousand of Americans were homeless.

    4.Watch PBS video ” The Warning ” on youtube

    5. Testimony to US Congress included

  9. TheSunergizer says:
    @boscoesarmy  Actually, should be called. Account Withdrawing Panic.
  10. kopellhinex says:
    bankers+lawyers+police+judge+politicians+criminals+etc = DIRTY CAPITALIST SCUM PIGS.
    BANKERS & DRUGLORDS screwed life & society in human history.
    BANKERS & DRUGLORDS screwed life & society in human history.
    – copy & paste WE ARE THE 99% FREEMAN –
  11. boscoesarmy says:
    Bank Run makes it sound like a gingerly Jog to the Bank. It should be called Bank Sprint.
  12. 6of6 says:
    @AllianceOfJerkOffs Oooh, feisty. Well you are obviously pent up and worked up about something. Perhaps the “RT/kremlin whores” or who knows what. Good luck with that.
  13. AllianceOfJerkOffs says:
    @6of6 Maybe you like RT/kremlin cunts who look like 12-yr-olds & who have the IQ to match, but I don’t. I could never like treasonous bitches like the RT/kremlin whores because my dick is attached to the rest of my body…unlike the little boys who apparently think this titless wonder is a woman.
  14. drmenorps says:
  15. yoyoakerman says:
    bank runs arent bad a fractional reserve system is . can we please go back to a depository system?
  16. budstattfgangsta says:
    they should do a bank run every year if everybody get there money at one time the banks can,t pay it how do people fall for this shit fuck madoff the banks got the best scams
  17. lulzrawr2010 says:
    RT girls are sexy! :)
  18. Stevie68000 says:
    Enemy of Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, UK & USA – Jew

    1.Goldman Sachs CEO,Lyold Blankfein - Jew

    2.IMF Deputy CEO, John Lisky – Jew

    3.Ex IMF CEO,Dominic Strauss - Jew

    4.World Bank CEO,Robert Zoellick – Jew

    5.Ex World Bank CEO,James Woolfesen – Jew

    6.Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke - Jew

    7.Ex Fed Chairman,Alan Greenspan – Jew

    8.Obama Treasury Secretary,Tim Geithner-Jew

  19. vmcebollero says:
    The bank runs occur when banks become untrustworthy. Not to worry, the American taxpayer will bail them out again; keep shopping and trust your government and especially the bankers who got $Trillions with TARP. And don’t worry the Federal Reserve can print unlimited quantities and not be held accountable. I’m disappointed with RT, for this very sloppy job of journalism.
  20. llamaherder9 says:
    What a load of crap. Take your money out of the banks, and CLOSE them down. They are a failed institution.
  21. caganb says:
    Let’s do a bank run on BOA on Dec. 23rd.
  22. a10fjet says:
    Banks: Too big to fail = too big to run
  23. imeanlive says:
    omg, how about mentioning that fat bulbous cocksucker JP morgan, puppet of rothchild when the word bank run is used.

    Perhaps you could add for us smart but no happy hooker about the word prostitution and how mooney comes into play for the material girls, marriage contracts, divorce court, alimony… tell

  24. NudIaug says:
    Lauren is HOT!

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