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Word of the Day: Write-Down

Ultimately, a bank is judged by the size of its liabilities in conjunction with the quality of its assets. When a bank is forced to write down the value of assets that it carries on its books, it is forced to acknowledge losses, and if those losses are large enough, it could throw into question the bank’s ability to meet it’s own liabilities. These write downs in turn leads other banks and creditors to demand both better quality collateral, as well as higher rates from the bank in question in return for short-term funding. The game finally ends, once the bank in question is no longer able to fund itself in the short-term money markets, being driven to insolvency from illiquidity. This is why write downs are important, and why banks are trying desperately to avoid them. Watch the full Capital Account with Lauren Lyster at Follow Lauren on Twitter:


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25 Responses to "Word of the Day: Write-Down"

  1. xgotfiveonitx says:
    mmmm she is soo beautiful. she could talk about the most booring thing and i would still watch, i looove eye candy. daam i love white women!
  2. PrecisePuncher says:
    @tahitianmoon28 oh, trust me, i’m not disagreeing with U. i too, even though I’m a man myself & I gotta say I do appreciate the eye candy, get tired of seeing all these dumb comments & I wonder how much of this those people are actually taking seriously. at the same time, this is the society we live in (sex sells), and I believe RT is using the current paradigm to gain attention. maybe after we have enough people on the ball we can change the paradigm? IDK. they say we used to walk around naked.
  3. tahitianmoon28 says:
    @PrecisePuncher It’s my opinion. I think they over do it a bit at RT. It’s as though they want to appeal to men at the same time as reporting news. Its perhaps to increase viewership. I don’t think news reporters need to be 100% covered up but yes, how you dress does send a message. Why are so many of the comments on RT related to the “hotness” factor of the woman reporters.
  4. PrecisePuncher says:
    @tahitianmoon28 All I hear is that it’s either the damn Arabs who trample women’s rights and subjugate them, or the all-too-liberal American whores. If you keep a closed mind, you will never be satisfied. Meanwhile, you came here to get your financial news ’cause hardly anybody else will tell it to you like it is. How about we care less about the package and consider the actual substance? I think we’ll be better off as a people. Or, U could exercise whatever little freedom U have left and leave.
  5. tahitianmoon28 says:
    For a news station they should dress more professionally or conservatively. Focus less on trying to look hot and showing legs (their desk is clear glass so you can still see woman’s legs when they are interviewing) and more on the news. It cheapens the new’s cast.
  6. Stevie68000 says:
    Enemy of Greece, Ireland,Italy,Spain & USA – Jew

    1.Goldman Sachs CEO, Lyold Blankfein- Jew

    2.IMF Deputy CEO, John Lisky-Jew

    3.Ex IMF CEO, Dominic Strauss-Jew

    4.World Bank CEO, Robert Zoellick-Jew

    5.Ex World Bank CEO, James Woolfesen-Jew

    6.Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke-Jew

    7.Ex Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan-Jew

    8.Obama Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner-Jew

    9.George Bush Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson-Jew

  7. jdouglasfisher says:
    Eye Glasses? When did that happen?
  8. DforDIckhead2100 says:
    Gruesome kremlin whore
  9. ANTIDALLARD says:
    @agelessrocker I could happily watch this show with the sound turned off
  10. cabfa18wg says:
    hey dont call her a whore what is she trying to sell you why be rude
  11. iChanging says:
    @Capitalaccount May you please become my economic professor? Because apparently my current one sucks.
  12. CoryThe411 says:
    Word of the Day: Propaganda whore
  13. billythekid602 says:
    ok, so what is a write-down again…?
  14. N0MWU says:
    @agelessrocker and she looks hotter in her glasses
  15. Deah92fooeee says:
    She looks about 5’4, 5’5.
  16. sstl517 says:
    @baza1701 , maybe 4’10″. Power to little people :)
  17. delsol7878 says:
    @agelessrocker Yeah. Finally she is wearing some more proper for media. I hated when she was wearing some shirt that she shows half of her boobies. Be proper!
  18. zepepelin says:
    @ZoneTelevision geese fly and because it’s hyphenated it is technically a word
  19. ZoneTelevision says:
    Write-Down ? That’s two words isn’t it ? :P

    “Write-Down” is a TERM NOT a (word). Geese

  20. bluesgurugod says:
    Can we divide Lauren’s skirt by 2 as well?
  21. MrGangaheaD88 says:
    jesus is the word of the day
  22. baza1701 says:
    Ah!! Back 2 a skirt and high.. high heels ..LOL i wonder how tall she is?? 5’2 or 5’3 tops
  23. baza1701 says:
    @agelessrocker for sure
  24. mrzack888 says:
    did she just say “Greekce”?
  25. vladamirrrr says:
    lauren, could i have private lessons?

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