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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Insolvency » Would a strong, economically stable US state be better of seceding from the union at this point?

Would a strong, economically stable US state be better of seceding from the union at this point?

that has a better economic environment would do itself a favor if it seceded from the union at this point. I understand what Yugoslavia went though now and why they did what they did.

“US borrowing tops 100% of GDP: Treasury ”

The US Debt has reached 100% of its GDP, basically insolvency. Any rational person would assume secede from such a situation if possible to limit further damage.


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6 Responses to "Would a strong, economically stable US state be better of seceding from the union at this point?"

  1. iliketolisten says:
    We have already been thru that situation, called it the civil war,so, no.
  2. How would I know says:
    Not yet.. but it’s getting close.
  3. Thalia says:
    Yugoslavia is a very bad example.

    Perhaps Czechoslovakia is a better one. That country underwent a peaceful divorce and its two halves — the Czech Republic and Slovakia — have prospered ever since their separation. Keeping the two together would have just resulted in political gridlock and economic decline. They were better apart.

    Some American states would also do much better as independent or semi-independent countries.

  4. Charles Veidt says:
  5. a-nerd says:
    I saw an answer said that the civil war was an example not to, but the civil war was over slavery, and the pro-slave states succeeded.
    If anything, it’s the anti-slave states that would consider succeeding today(not of the civil war times, but anti slaves to the government)…
  6. Emperor Augustus says:
    The US Govt. will; likely, invade the seceding state anyways; much like the unconstitutional tyrant name Lincoln

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