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Wukan Conflict Unresolved, Villagers Seek Legal Assistance

Follow us on TWITTER: Like us on FACEBOOK: The Wukan incident in Guangdong has attracted worldwide attention. Foreign media coverage of tens of thousands of villagers risking their lives has forced the Chinese regime to give in. However, after two weeks, none of the conditions that the villagers asked for have been met. On Jan 5, some villagers sought legal assistance. A Beijing human rights lawyer urges lawyers to help the villagers. After major protests broke out at the end of 2011, Guangdong Chinese Communist Party (CCP) secretary Zhu Mingguo verbally accepted some of the villagers’ conditions, but did anything happen since? Wukan villagers expressed that grievances are unresolved, and Zhu Mingguo agreements not have been met. Three villagers that were arrested have been released on bail, but not unconditionally released. Villager Zhang Jianguo denies the “damaging public property” charge against him and is seeking legal assistance. Beijing Human Rights Lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan told NTD he received a call from a Wukan villager. They were seeking legal assistance. Since the incident is so big, Liu posted on his micro-blog, seeking to form a group of lawyers to go to Wukan. Liu Xiaoyuan, “Villagers called seeking legal inquiry. They only mentioned they’re seeking help from a lawyer. Lawyers told me they will provide legal help. 2-3 (lawyers) said if I go, they might as well.” A villager Mr. Wang expressed, the regime originally agreed to return


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