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Your Money Experts

About Paul Johnson Watch this short video then; give me a call Personal Experience of Debt: 3 years ago, I had 2 successful businesses and a 1.2million property portfolio but I also had 140k of personal & business debt. So I entered into an IVA, but I chose the wrong advisors. The IVA failed, my debt increased to approx 400k & the Insolvency practitioner (unfortunately, I chose a shark) made me bankrupt. I not only gained valuable knowledge from this experience, but I also made many excellent contacts including some of the top Insolvency practitioners in the UK. I now get huge job satisfaction by passing on this knowledge & experience to other people who find themselves in debt. Professional Experience of Debt: Im a Chartered Accountant / Chartered Tax Adviser with many years experience of working with Insolvency practitioners, Debt Advisors, Financial advisors etc I now know which advisors to use, and just as importantly, which ones to avoid. Enter your details in the contact form or Call me now on 0800 533 5370 to take advantage of my experience and to ensure you choose the right debt solution and just as importantly the right debt advisor


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    hellooo there paul!!!!! THIS DUDE IS MY BEST FRIENDS FATHER!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOO!!!! xx

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