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Zenaida Gonzalez: Issues 7/15/11

Also talk about Casey appealing the 4 charges against her. I am ONLY doing this to get the recent motions out there that have been filed in court. Notice Of Appeal Motion For Finding Of Indigency For Appeal Affidavit of Insolvency For Purpose Of Appeal


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24 Responses to "Zenaida Gonzalez: Issues 7/15/11"

  1. JokeHint says:
    Have we sunk so low that people are putting their faith in illegal, section 8, welfare, baby machines like Zenaida Gonzales now? Did you see this woman before the folks at Morgan and Morgan cleaned her up? Wake up. Morgan and Morgan could care less about Zenaida Gonzales, Caylee Anthony, or the truth. Especially the truth. This is all just a big publicity stunt for them to get there name out there and seem like heroes. It is working like a charm.
  2. dancesmartly1 says:
    Is Casey the next Al Capone? The only thing they ever got him for was tax evasion. That would suit us fine – let her rack up a few more thousands of taxes owed and then sit in Federal Prison where there is no parole and no time off for good behavior forever.
  3. mycallard says:
    sdemast84 yes and pigs do fly.
  4. fytito says:
    looks like every illegal zenaida gonzales in the states can make some money and a green card from this…
  5. sdemast84 says:
    Casey is not guilty!!
  6. 1947Sierra says:
    @tuberose1959 Me too, and that is why I keep checking the website. :)
  7. hollytoo says:
    @tuberose1959 I thought that as well.
  8. tuberose1959 says:
    @1947Sierra OK, thanks so much. I am just always so suspicious where she is concerned.
  9. Sierra1947 says:
    @mycrazynan I am bothered that Judge Rodriguez backed out of the civil suit as he could have done that 3 years ago. This Judge prolonged the civil case for 3 years and he could have settled this a long time ago. My gut tells me that he just doesn’t want to be associated with this case because of the verdict. Zenaida deserves her time in court, to officially clear her name.
  10. Sierra1947 says:
    @mycrazynan I agree, Leonard will probably go looking for Casey in October, and may just be keeping close eyes on Casey from the moment of her release. I would have liked for this attorney to show proof that Casey is getting death threats. Obviously they aren’t being sent to the jail, and maybe sent to the attorney’s offices. I do NOT believe a word any of the defense teams (criminal or civil) anymore as they lie as much as Casey has lied.

  11. 1947Sierra says:
    @tuberose1959 I checked the jail’s website and she is still there. If anything she will be released sometime after 10:00 PM ETD. There will be a certain group pf journalist that will be in the jail and will cover Casey’s being released from jail. I figure it will be before 2:00 AM EDT on Sunday, 7/17/11.
  12. EdensSecret1 says:
    All these so-called lawsuits – how is anybody going to get any money out of Casey?
    She aint got any money. This is all gonna cost the US citizens more money – I understand Zanaida wanting to clear her name but everybody knows she isnt Caylees killer, however I do think she deserves to have her name cleared officially. Caylees “maybe” father, people like him just want money and notoriety, he didnt seem to care all these years, but hey now he can maybe make some money???
  13. FirstAmerican01 says:
    Did Casey get the name Juliette Lewis from the actress on Natural born killers? Casey rot in hell for eternity.
  14. tuberose1959 says:
    You can’t take the depo this weekend because she’s already gone, IMO.
  15. mycrazynan says:
    @mycrazynan And picking and choosing Judges again? Something stinks here worse than Casey’s car.
  16. mycrazynan says:
    I can see Leonard Padilla going on the hunt for Casey in October when she doesn’t turn up for her depo.
    Also when lawyers present information in court as a defense, such as 7 death threats against Casey, they should be made to show some proof and not be taken at their word because they all LIE!
    She does not have any mental or psychological problems , she was deemed fit to continue with her trial. Bring on the Victim’s Justice System, that doesn’t exist. JMO
  17. sheri226 says:
    Casey feeling? She HAS no feelings
  18. omgdanceparty says:
    She looked like she was going to a rock concert? LOL I love the media. no she didnt.
  19. Reip187 says:
    Put her in a straight jacket and make her sit in a padded room.
  20. Reip187 says:
    Maybe she will just not show to so many court cases she will be in jail forever.
  21. SkyBlueAugust says:
    WTF? October? What’s wrong with that judge?
  22. hollytoo says:
    we already know “whodunit” dude

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