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agin Tagalog?

mahal gud morning sori dna kta ntxbk kgbi pinanod kc namin ung video s program bsta pag ngsbi ung bosko isalpko ramsey ok harp nag talga ngayon pahirapa n s pghnap trabaho


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5 Responses to "agin Tagalog?"

  1. battgirl says:
    love good morning. sorry i didn’t text you back last night. we were watching the video of the program. whenever my boss says “isalpko” ramsey okay. It’s so difficult nowadays. It’s so difficult to look for a job.

    – i’m not sure what she/he means with isalpko. maybe a typo error but i can;t figure it out

  2. 1x1 pic says:
    battgirl’s aswer was excellent. I just want to translate “isalpko”
    it’s the trunc for “isalpak ko” which means to “squeeze it/him in”
  3. Kate says:
    good morning my love, sorry I didn’t text you back last night because where were watching a movie on the tv, when my boss say -I don’t know isalpko- ramsey ok. nowadays it’s so hard to find a job…(*-*)
  4. eezy_jex ® says:
    ok … battgirl’s answer was right.

    but here’s another option:
    Mahal, good morning. Sorry di na kita na text back kagabi kasi pinanood namin yung video sa program. Basta kapag nagsabi yung boss ko isasalpak ko. Ramsey, okey hirap nga talaga ngayon, pahirapan sa paghanap ng trabaho.

    My love, good morning. Sorry if I didn’t text you back last night because we watched the video of our program. Whatever my boss says I play it in (referring the video). Ramsey, okey it’s very hard these days, so hard to find a job.

  5. pocahontas says:
    good morning love. i’m sorry i haven’t texted you back last night. we watched the video of the program. if ever my boss gives me the signal i would include ramsey. it’s tough to find a job nowadays.

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