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Stanford Admissions?

I just got my SAT scores back today 1910 (CR 660, Math 630, R 620) up from 1660 (CR 570, Math 500, R 590)…..should i study more and retake for a third time?

History SAT 2 (600)

I have a 3.9 GPA in a very competitive NJ highschool

I have many extra curricular (classical piano, harp, XC, surfing, fluent in dutch and french, rehabilitation home music program) and a very unique life growing up on a tiny island in the Caribbean.

Do I have a chance at Stanford?


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6 Responses to "Stanford Admissions?"

  1. gevapanthers24 says:
    Well your right in the neighborhood of the SAT Scores. On the middle 50% is 660 for reading and writing, and a 680 for math. So youre pretty close there. Stanford values intellects very much and you help your case by having many different activites. Its good that youve taken a subject test because they reccomend it. If you write a killer essay then you definitley have a shot. Also it would never hurt to take them again. Who knows, maybe they’ll go up again.
  2. Samuel P says:
    This is a joke! Of course you don’t have a chance at Stanford with SAT scores that low!! I’ve seen tons of vals and sals with 2250+ SAT scores get rejected. Don’t even waste your money. Rutgers, your state school is even somewhat a reach for you, unless of course you’re black.
  3. Mr.Muscles says:
    i have to agree with samuel P
    i live in california and see so many people get rejected from Stanford and
    they usually have 2250+ on the SAT
    i only no a few people who got in but they had SAT scores of 2300+
    it by far a stretch for u
  4. h_oboe says:
    i think that your chance will be SO MUCH BETTER if u retake the SATs and get at least in or close to the middle 50% range for Stanford, which you are only 50 points away from (I don’t think Stanford evaluates your writing score…i’m not sure though)…besides that, everything looks impressive…you also need a really good essay…for your subject test though, since subject tests test knowledge more than ability, it’s really important to do really well on those (like over 700)
  5. [Music = love] <3 says:
    let me tell you something.

    there was a senior at our school who was valedictorian. 4.0 over gpa. active in asb. parents both graduated from stanford. good student…

    she didn’t get in.

    that just tells you something dont it…… unless you went to some crazy nationals for something. ur not getting in……

    better to apply to some private school somewhere at get a full ride in. doncha think?

  6. Grant says:
    Not likely. My sister attended Stanford and was groomed for it from kindergarten. She had exceptional grades throughout her schooling (all private), speaks three languages fluently and her scores were fantastic.

    AND she was a minority. Stanford does not take marginally bright minorities, regardless of what the previous answerer might of snarkily suggested. They take sublimely exceptional students period.

    You should try for a less competitive school.

    Also, I call BS on the legacy student who did not get into Stanford from a previous answerer. It’s highly unlikely the story is accurate. Either the parents did not both attend or there is something fishy about the academic record. Stanford wrote the book on legacy admissions, even more so than any of the Ivy’s.

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