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Why are the Religious Leaders harping on the subject of flocking to places of worship during the holidays?

I enjoy being alone. My television is filled with religious leaders on the news & paid programming harping at people to go to church or seek out those who are alone this Christmas Season.

This is the first time I can honestly say I am noticing such a public PUSH of faith & religious based interaction with people. It’s almost as if the US is now a Police State & the Christians seem to be acting just like the fanatics of the middle east.

I pity the fool that comes a knocking @ my door on Christmas…

or any other day!
WHY is this happening & how do others feel about this new “TREND”?
@Milton—Does this mean they are motivated by greed instead of faith?
@Jonds—That’s such a great idea. I might find myself a movie theatre today. Thx.


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9 Responses to "Why are the Religious Leaders harping on the subject of flocking to places of worship during the holidays?"

  1. Milton says:
    The religious leaders will lose their jobs if people do not flock to their congregations. I am retired. My income doesn’t depend on whether you go to church or to a strip club today so you decide. The minister could lose his job if you go to the strip club instead of services today!
  2. jonds says:
    I don’t care if people go to church I just don’t need to hear about it, my son and I are headed to the movies it is a beautiful day in west central Wisconsin.
  3. Patti says:
    No one has bothered me this year and it’s just about the first time since I started working anywhere that co-workers haven’t pushed their Christmas traditions at me. I ignore the tv stuff anyway. That’s why I am using the computer.
  4. Tracer says:
    This is the happiest day of the year, Our Lord and and savior was born. Maybe they want share ther joy with you Dee W MERRY CHRISTMAS
  5. Gray eagle says:
    It is no secret in America that many Christian churches have diminished participation. Churches in my area are consolidating or closing. Perhaps church leaders are using the holiday spirit in an attempt to get people back. Good luck, many folks are about as upset with organized religion as they are Congress.
  6. June smiles says:
    They have chosen to devote their lives to teaching about Jesus. I don’t see it as harping at all, it is part of their job to encourage people to go to a place where people gather to worship together and give thanks to God for the gift of His Son Jesus, the Christ.

    One will decide for themselves whether or not they want to go. For some, it is most comforting and uplifting, for those who don’t feel they want to participate with that, their choice.

    I don’t go to church, but constantly thank God for my life and the blessings I have known.

    No, they are not motivated by greed. Many of us still believe the USA is founded on Christian beliefs.

    Merry Christmas.

  7. Halia says:
    I think we’ll see a lot of this especially in the New year with the doomsday calendar and all. The churches are hoping people will put much more money in the church coffers so they (the people) will get a chance to buy their way into heaven. It’s worked in their favor before and there’s a no money back guarantee.
  8. pansyblue says:
    I don’t think it’s new. And I hope ALL religious leaders don’t ‘harp’. Maybe some of them. Ok, a lot of them?
    I have to say, religious leaders aren’t the only ones that want to push me to do what THEY think I should do, or say, or eat, or whatever. The medical community can be pretty pushy too. And I think government is becoming more and more controlling.
  9. Mariana Straits says:
    It’s a busine$$, like any other business.

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